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Spin Welding Models

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The PAS Model SW 750, SW 850 and SW 950 Spin Welding Systems offer the highest level of machine control in the industry to date. PAS couples new servo control technology with years of experience to bring to market the most advanced line of spin welding equipment. Dual servo control in both the spin axis and the z-axis allow for precise control of your spin welding applications. Our complete line offers end users the ability to run small, medium and large parts and applications that require high precision and repeatability. The SW 750, 850 and 950 can be used as stand alone pieces of equipment or coupled with other automation technologies to meet your part volumes.

Spin welding is used to join two plastic parts which are spherical or cylindrical in shape. Frictional heat is generated at the mating surface by spinning one part (upper) against a fixtured (lower) part, thus welding the assembly together. Spin welding is a fast process that works with large and small diameter parts as well as a broad range of thermoplastic resins. Hermetic seals are achievable.


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Model SW750-dimensions

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Item #

Max Z Axis Pressure

Power Req.

Pneumatic Req.

Overall Dimensions (W x D x H)

Max Spin RPM

Approx.Weldable Part Size

Max Part Dia.

  SW750 2000 lbs 240VAC 3 Phase 30Amps 100PSI ( For machine peripherals only ) 30.00 x 30.00 x 73.00 in 3000RPM 6.00" Dia. ( depending on material ) 11.250 in
  SW850 2000 lbs 240VAC 3 Phase 30Amps 100PSI ( For machine peripherals only ) 30.00 x 30.00 x 73.00 in 2000RPM 11.00" Dia. ( depending on material ) 11.250 in
  SW950 8000 lbs 240VAC 3 Phase 40Amps 100PSI ( For machine peripherals only ) 51.00 x 36.00 x 75.00 in 2000RPM 24.00" Dia. ( depending on material ) 32.000 in
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