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Custom Assembly Systems



This is a custom machine that was  built to put a  texture on a composite railroad tie. The railroad tie pictured is 9ft long. The heated tooling has a diamond pattern and with temperature and pressure would embed the pattern in the railroad tie and leave the textured finish


This machine was built specifically as our trade show demo unit. This machine utilizes a Servo Spin welder, Servo heatstaker a pneumatic heatstaker and an ultrasonic welder. The unit has a 6 position cam driven rotary and a very large touch screen display


This machine is heatstaking over 50 points at once. This custom machine utilizes a standard heatstaking machine that has a widened tooling ram, standard pneumatic front  to back slide, standard machine stand and standard guarding package.


This is a custom  micro tab bending machine. The part holding fixture stays stationary and the machine slides in and down to bend a tab holding the parts together. The machine size is approx 3"x6"


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