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At PAS, we are committed to providing superior quality plastic assembly solutions, top notch service and technical support. Our personal attention to detail on the plastic assembly equipment we provide and the individual needs of our customers is what sets us apart.
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Thermal Assembly Systems

Thermal assembly systems make use of direct contact- heated tools and precisely controlled time, temperature, pressure and cooling....

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Spin Welders

Spin welding is used to join two plastic parts which are spherical or cylindrical in shape. Frictional heat is generated at the....

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Ultrasonic Welders

An ultrasonic welding machine is used to join small and medium sized thermoplastic parts through pressure and high frequency....

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Vibration Plastic Welding

Vibration plastic welding is used to join large plastic parts through frictional heat and pressure generated in a linear or orbital motion (vibration).

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Hot Plate

Hot plate plastic welding is generally used to weld large and irregular shaped plastic parts with difficult contours and joint... 

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Custom Assembly Systems

All equipment and plastic assembly systems offered by PAS are designed to be used in manual, semi-automated,  or fully...

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Custom and Standard Tooling and Fixtures Staking / Welding / Insertion Tips Thermal Tooling Ultrasonic Horns....

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Spare Parts

Spare parts for all equipment we manufacture and service. Heatstakers, spin welders, ultrasonic welders, hot plate welders, vibration welders.

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Used Equipment

PAS offers a wide variety of used ultrasonic welders, used heat stakers and refurbished equipment to meet your budget, as well as your assembly needs.

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